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Fashion Made In Brazil

  • Unidade: Barra da Tijuca
  • Turno: Integral
  • Horário: De 09:00 às 12:00 e de 14:00 ÀS 16:30
  • Dias da Semana: Segunda-Feira,Terça-Feira,Quarta-Feira,Quinta-Feira,Sexta-Feira
  • Início da Turma: 03/08/2020
  • Fim da Turma: 24/08/2020
  • Carga Horária: 80

Sustainable Fashion

This course is designed to introduce various approaches to Sustainability in fashion and to form a critique surrounding impact and feasibility. 

Over the duration of the course you the student will experiment methods to reduce the product´s environmental impact, learning different upcycling techniques, zero waste draping and different kinds of natural dying methods, therefore learning how to design more consciously.

Brazilian Beachwear

This course gives insights into the Brazilian swimwear industry, covering the design process, market research, materials, colour palette development and design details/components in order to offer a creative exploitation of the swimwear design.

Brazilian Fashion an Print

This course gives insights into the Brazilian fashion industry,covering market research, use of color and print development in order to offer a creative exploitation of prints as a resource to brand identity.

Advanced Fashion Industry

In this course the student will be able to see a garment being made in 24 minutes with almost no human interference. The course aims to present new technologies and concepts and how they have been used (or could be used) in the fashion market in order to urge the students to think of new possibilities for new or old businesses. 


Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Design and Retail

Upcycling Workshop

Company Visit

Organic Materials

Natural Dyes

Field Research (stores)

Zero Waste Studies

Plus: Cultural Visit (Sugar Loaf & Urca)

Brazilian Beachwear

Made in Brazil: Contextualization (regional characteristcs)
Brazilian Beachwear Market (major players)
Company Visit
Research & Materials (textiles and trims)
Use of Color & Prints
Field Research (beachwear stores)
Shape Studies

Plus: Cultural Visit (museum circuit: MAR and Amanhã)

Brazilian and Fashion Print

Made in Brasil: Contextualization (regional characteristics)

Brazilian Fashion Market (major players)

Use of Color

Field Research (Ipanema)

Company Visit

Print Workshop

Print Project Presentation


Plus: Cultural Visit (Instituto Moreira Salles & Parque Lage)



Advanced Fashion Industry

Introduction to Advanced Industry

Digitalization (Fashion Lab)

Planta de Confecção 4.0

Data Science and AI for Fashion


Field Research

Advanced Industry Project Presentation

Plus: Cultural Visit

Single Installment US$597,00 Total in US$597,00
Total in R$2.447,70

Unidade Riachuelo

Rua Magalhães Castro 174 - Riachuelo
CEP: 20961-020 - Rio de Janeiro RJ

Unidade Barra

Centro Empresarial Mário Henrique Simonsen
Av. das Américas 3434 - Blocos 2 e 5
Térreo - Barra da Tijuca
CEP: 22640-102 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 2582-1001

(Central de Atendimento - 8h às 20h)

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